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Hell House Movie

«I have just finished watching Hell House and I can't believe how spectacular it was. It seriously looked like a full-fledged movie. The actors all gave outstanding performances and the death scenes were all fairly solid. I really loved the locations and I was particularly impressed with Tatiana's death scene in the sauna and Keila's strangulation scene in the bedroom! I thank you for being patient with me and my questions. With so much money invested in the project, I was kind of wanting to stay informed with the progress of the making of Hell House. Thank you for understanding and I hope I didn't annoy you too much. Hell House is without a doubt proof positive that yours is the best production studio in our niche community. You have far surpassed your competitors in quality.»

Stephen Collier

Scriptwriter and customer’s review

First Full Time Custom Made Slasher with our production

CAST: Scarlett Fandera, Mira Green, Anastasia Boldareva, Edward Prtrov, Maxin Sergeev, Billy Brag, Keila, Sonya Krueger, Tatia,a, Annabelle


A TV producer and group of his investors who’re fans of classic horrors and slasher movies start reality TV show «Hell House» with five girls. The rules are simple: girls must survive in the house against the actor who plays maniac. The winner gets million dollars. But girls don’t know that producer decided to increase raitings and do all murders real… All who try to stop producers from administration of show must die too… Producers created different traps and death for being the show more interesting: strangulation murders, bear trap, killing with a knife, gas attack and many others…

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