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New Feedback! Movie: "Guards Under Attack 2: Failed Revenge"

Hi, Ugine...

I just watched and it is simply brilliant!

Really sexy clothes of both girls that reveals their hot figures. Bella's belt is very nice. I like that her clothes is

simple and natural but the high heals express seducing eroticism.

Both actresses play their roles very good - Bella is eager and courageous and Judi is cynical and indifferent.

Exactly as it should be.

The perfect poses both before shootout (Bella's kneeling) and during the action.

Judi fires like it was just usual situation with no danger. It is really sexy.

Main element was reached perfectly: hot girls' dresses and their cuteness contrasting with cruel and bloody end.

And last but not least I must mention the place!

The cold concrete and graffiti in which the tender and sexy girls meet their

fate makes the whole movie very raw and hot.

So big thanks and congratulations. You and your team again made fantastic movie!

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