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What does it mean  - custom film?

Custom film means we will shoot film according to your script for your donation for your private watching purposes only.

How does it cost?

Depends on your script, number of the actors, actresses, level of make up, is there any nudicy scenes in your script, what location do we need to choose, what outfits and many other factors. In general, a simple indoor story can cost from 500$ and higher.  But if you want individual cooperation, seldom props choosing, different locations, have many scenes and your film is more serious it can cost 1000$, 2000$ and higher. All depends on the filmmaking processes. Our medium custom price for 2021 is 850$. Our most cheap custom ever is 200$ (we try not to take so cheap customs now because we shoot really good). Our most expensive custom ever is 8500$ (we were shooting it three days long with lots of blood and effects). But a medium film is 500-1999$.

What’s taboo?

Sex, Porn, Tortures of Genitals, Met-Art, Plots About real violence, Plots About Underage Persons and so on. We’re not porn production! Bloody, cruel, giallo style horrors are welcome! Nudity scenes and light erotic are welcome!

Why DarkRooms?

We’re the most professional, the most arty, the most crazy, the most gory, the most customer oriented production with 7 years experience! We can make the MOVIE from your SCRIPT!

How is it better to write a script?

Anyway. Our director should understand what to shoot. You can write the story in Hollywood Format or just in random style. More detailed plot – more strictly following of your story from us. We can help you with plot making.

What is the time of custom making?

Depends on the story, props, actors selection, location, weather. If you need us to shoot your film very fast – just inform us about it. It’s possible even during a week – it will cost more! Some stories we can shoot for two weeks, some stories for a month and some stories for a year (if you can pay little for a huge complicated script we sometimes can take it in advance). Medium time of doing is 1,5 months. 

Can I choose the props for the custom?

Yes, you can! We have a special props department!

What’s the guarantee you will film my movie?

100%. We're 7 years in the market and have a great reputation! We have plenty of regular customs. You can check it in niche forums googling us.

Can we sign the contract?

Yes, sure! We’re the official international production and we can sign the contract.

What’s the payment methods?

PayPal, Wise.Com, Western Union, SWIFT transfers (for contract customers), Bitcoins. In the nearest future it will be bank-card transaction payments.

What’s about copyrights?

Copyright for the movies is ours. Our filmmaking processes cost higher than your donation as usual and our profit is the profit from sales in marketplaces. Only if you are the producer and want us to shoot the film for your copyright sales it can be discussed individually for another prices.

I have another question.

Just write at and we will answer any of your questions. 

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