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Well, you just ordered your custom.

You have a letter from us «I just got the payment from you». You’re exited  - what’s the next?

We want to be the restaurant with opened kitchen so we’ll write what’s the next.

  1. Your text just like you write it comes to our inside google-docs table  «CUSTOM ORDERS».

The table looks like this and also has comments for all the crew!


 2.The director works with a script. He transforms script into Hollywood format (you’re welcome to send all scripts in any formats you like) and writes the list of props.


3.Prop manager prepares props we need.  She purchases it, rents or finds in our base.


 4.Directors assistant makes the scheduling. She tries  to all actors and models and tries to catch a day where all models, actresses and actors can shoot together.


5.Location manager chooses the optimal location. It can be studio, apartment, hotel number, outdoor location or a cottages. If the plot needs to be shoot in different location the film is being shot during several shooting days.


6. Our make up designer prepares blood and all material  we need. We often make very bloody content so we have to think about cleaning after too.


7. Actors takes scripts and learns the world. If the script is complicated they can do on-line repetition.


8. Hoora! Shooting day! We start in 11-12 a.m. and shoot till 12-2 p.m. Some days we shoot 18 hours. As usual we can shoot ½ of very complicated, 1 complicated or 2-3 simple stories in one day. But recently  when we work carefully with lighting, boom, location we work not so fast.


9. After the shooting day the raws is sent to the editor. Editor works with postproduction. We work only with Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects.


10. When the edition is finished I get the link to mp4 file and resend the link to you just when I am ready.

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