Only 19-06-2020 -


DISCOUNTS FOR CUSTOMS FOR SEPTEMBER 2020 (rates ''best and simple'') 25!%

Every autumn, many of us greet with a desire to change and improve our lives.

Autumn is associated with the beginning of the college  year, new educational programs.

 We  want to watch (and in our case shoot) noir films in the fall, Halloween is ahead, yellow leaves and the atmosphere of American slashers of the 1980s meet us outside.

In autumn, there is a surge of creative energy.

Crime House congratulates everyone on the beginning of autumn and wishes new successes in life, work, study and new cool horror films in the new season. We promise to make autumn warmer with our new films.

Our discounts continue and throughout September you can order our super films at a discount.

Almost all of our viewers agree that our films are of high quality and meet the content requirements.

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