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We are already six years with you! Wow! We already can’t count how many customs have we done. About 500. 80% of our customers are regular customers. We have plenty of letters with our customers and our experience let us understand what should we have for ideal custom and what we need for doing it.

So, ideal custom is:

  • Step by step follow your script

  • Actresses and actors acting great

  • Props and outfit exactly like you want to see

  • Doing good make  up and effects

  • Doing great picture and photography

  • Giving update and not to hold you in nescience

You don’t ask us about it but we understand it ourselves

  • Creating deep cinematic atmosphere

  • Making good sound


So, we collected all our history and decide to make the production much better again and do rework and correction of some our mistake with examples and describe this process and the way how to make it better.


We follow your script step by step.

Well, you send us the script. Many customers ask us: how to write the ideal script? I always answer: you can write like you want! It can be Hollywood format script or just 1/3 of page brief-story «Maniac attacks girl in her house, strangle her and police catches him but he escapes… To be continued…» Why not? But you understand that in this way we have plenty of questions: who is maniac, how long should be strangulation scene? What is about death stare? What angles should be shown? How long is it a movie? What is your favorite scene from movies/fetish films? Police scene is necessary or it is just preamble? And so on!

We must shoot cinema, so all is important for us. Last time we try to do storyboards before shooting and all our crew has access to custom table to prepare: director thinks about shooting-plan, location manager thinks about location, production designer thinks about props and outfit, prop manager thinks about fetish elements and outfit, casting manager and organization deals with actors. We do all to shoot every step of your script.

Our scripts for Bob Crane illustrate it very good. Every world from the script are shown in the movie. Let’s see it:



            Here are the examples from the movie:

From The Script:

Or let’s speak about customs of one of our the most regular customer – Bob Crane.

Male Actor #1  steps out on to balcony of house.  He slowly looks around

Male Actor #3 is painting one of the railings with a paint brush

Male Actor #2 is taking out the trash to the trash cans

Female Actress #1 is planting flowers and removing weeds from the center area (where the snowman was last film)

Male Actor #1  “All of you”

Female Actress #1, Male Actor #2 and Male Actor #3 all turn and look toward Male Actor #1 .

Male Actor #1  “Go to the family council”

Male Actor #1  smacks his cane in his hand

Female Actress #1, Male Actor #2 and Male Actor #3 stop put down what they are doing and head in to the house.

Camera shows front of house



You can see this episode here:



Actresses and actors acting great

We remembered how we got many critic about acting of our actresses and actors. We did a big job to repair it. So we had to stop our partnership with actors and actresses we think acting week and stay only great models and actresses. The trend of last period is inviting actors and actresses with high actor education, students of cinema courses and all people from professional industry.

Some years ago professional actors often canceled to deal with us being afraid of may be spoiled reputation. Now they are fully agree and even show some of our works to the professional community and add it to their show-reels! Of course actors are  often «special guests» and just cimple custom in «shot dead cocktail» style is not for them – they are not fetish models. But they can act in stories with plot and some of them even ready to act nude!


Props and outfit exactly like you want to see

We often meet customers who is very strict about outfit and decorations!

Our prop manager, production designer and artist are ready to support it!

Let’s see at very complicated customs!


Doing good make  up and effects

Bloody, and gory content is necessary for good exploitation and B-movies! In soma cases our targets in creation are to do even better stabbing and gory effects than in mailbox cinema! If directors of A-movies shouldn’t do great focus of attention to the murder scene (naturalistic murder scenes are often not ok for cinema or TV projects and stabbing scene can be shot in 2-3 seconds with smart angles where we cn not to see stabbing close up) – we must shoot all scenes natural. That’s why all famous cinema tricks are not for us and we should use complicated technics  - three fake knifes, 3D-tracking, 3D models of knifing and so on. We use complicated machines to split blood, we do handmade blood colour no to pay huge fees for firm blood and many other tricks! Also we use real explosions, firecrackers, trompe l'oeil, we use mannequins, plaster people, real organs from butcher shops and much more

«Covid Massacre» 2020 film is a great example of complicated bloody make up!


Doing great picture and photography

Our main directors, his assistants and gaffers often visit courses, webinars, master classes how to shoot better and better. We use high class photocameras, cinema cameras, and 1/3 of our shooting timing takes the work of decorations, light, production design.

We can shoot in noir style, B-movies style, use different sources of lighting, practical light, colour filters, mirrows, smoke-machine to make air mo soft and many other tricks!

Of course huge work is postproduction. We use After Effects and Adobe Premier pro programs only, do color correction, professional rendering without quality loosing.


So, product is a product and it must also be in time and you should get regular update. 2020 showed we have week sides in it and sometimes delays happen and sometimes I can’t do regular updates as often as I wish it. Why does it happen? According the reasons we wrote behind – ULTRA HIGH QUALITY!

It’s no magic and our one shooting day is expensive to shoot. We have to accumulate our budget, schedule it (different models have different private scheduling  and to compare them together often takes lots of time), and to do huge preparation stages. I will write all of them for your understanding.

Well, we booked your custom. You did a payment and we got it. What’s the next?

1.We place the script to the custom scheduling table in our corporative docs folder.

2.Directors assistant read the script very attentively, translates it into Russian for all of us, mark all props we need, suggests the location.

3. Director reads the adapted version and does his marks.

4. Prop manager searches props for our base (and we need to rent the whole flat only for the props – we have 30 boxes of props – dresses, lingerie, weapon, technical, boots and many many others ) or purchases the outfit. Many customers want to see exactly outfit from the web stores and we do purchasing. We must agree it with you because it’s already customers fee. Sometimes we have to purchase props from Amazons or E-bay. Delivery can take 2 weeks or 5 months. Depends on venders. Also we can get the  outfit from e-bay and our superhero, for example, looks like idiom in it – wrong size! We have to open dispute in PayPal, return outfit and order the new one!

Production designer searches for the props to make the picture better. We don’t ask customers to pay for it and to it ourselves according to our own decision. We rent props from rent stores to create the realistic atmosphere. Sometimes we invest 1000$ just to props can be in the background of the shooting.

5. We search for location. It can be flats of somebody of us just to cut budgets, photo or videos studios of our city, townhouses,  forests, fields, factories and many other location.

6. Actors and actresses learn the roles. Some scripts consists long dialoges. If they don’t know words we can shoot the film 80 hours. So they must do homework – learn words.

7. Shooting day! Hoora! If there is not canceled from actresses  (everybody are healthy, nobody has suddenly family problems, their main job boss doesn’t tell them to go for a work suddenly and so on) there is a shooting day. If it happens we should replace shooting to next day everybody can. I meet this situations rather often and have a headache about it, so when I have letters «Did you shoot today?» sometimes I am nervous because feel myself too controlled. I am sure I will do all possible to make the shooting the best way but I need time. I every month pay from my own pockets thousands of dollars of overfees (if we shoot 18 hours instead 12 I pay 1,5 sets for everybody, 3 dinner breaks catering for all the crew and order UBER taxy to all crew who hasn’t a car for my money.  It’s a hard job.

Shooting day is ok! We are 12-18 hours in the set, it’s about 5 a.m. of the next morning. We are cleaning location and move home – tied and empty after the shooting day. Girl didn’t have fun like many of us thinking – they are just tied and want to sleep. They did a complicated job – they acted difficult roles, beat off their knees in a fight-acting, lay in cold water, stained their hair with red paint, ate oily pizza and drank two energy drinks and they still have to go home!

If I or cameraman forgot to make backstage in this process – or made it please give us time to go home, sleep, wake up, switch on PC, choose the best moments and send it.

8. Postproduction. Well, we must collect 2 hours-long raws from any of 10-20 minutes clip and do montage. We must synchrony sound if we record it in the separate boom (often we record sound to the camera and it’s not very good but we have to do it because working with boom makes our job slower and more expensive). After we shall do FX effects. If the film  contains complicated stabbing, decapitation scene, green-screen scene, firefight scene we can do it many days. 


We don’t work slowly. We work rather fast and have 6-7 shooting days in a month and about 15 of our customers get their customs monthly.

So, in 2021 we are planning the following:

  1. We have to increase prices or please give us more time to do. We are not ready to work bad. We will work great but for higher prices but still comfort for majority. + about 200$ for custom. In some cases +500$. We’re orientated for complicated products just fetish studio can’t shoot – huge bloody content, content with complicated plots and scripts, customs with big number of actors, custom where we need to build decorations and so on.

  2. We have to give us more time to shoot + 1 month in general. It would be more honest to take more time and not to delay.

  3. But you can still save your money like many of our regular customers do – they order in advance! For example, many of our customers already now writing script and doing prepayment for next summer customs. We can do huge discounts – 20,30,50 and even 60% if customer can wait 4 months or in some cases 8 months. It’s ok for ambition idea – in this case you shouldn’t be in every day waiting and just licking f5 button «Where’s m…r f..r Ugine with my custom»? It’s nervous and it’s ok for simple story or very fast custom rate. If you’re ready to pay 1200 – 2000 usd for one model custom we’re ready to go and shoot it tomorrow  - delay all our cases, just do it, go, shoot, pay and edit. In all other cases custom ordering in DarkRooms production is a DONATION! We WILL SHOOT ALL our content, all without any exceptions. But sometimes we should wait.





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