What’s New In Our Production For customers?


In brief, all our old preferences is actual + new possibilities!

We suggest all the packages for everybody.

If you still want to see a simple story  - you’re welcome! All prices can be discussed.

If you want very individual custom, have bad experiences about not following your script, details, props and so on, we are for you!

We can suggest you discuss every detail with our prop manager.

Also if the actress in our model gallery is not enough for you we can do special casting for you.

If you have an idea you think it’s too complicated for a custom making producer (underwater script, spaceship setting, huge action movies, historical reconstruction, very arty plot, very gory makeup) – we are for you too! We can do everything you want.

Do you have a favorite scene in the big cinema but something missed and would you like to remake the scene? We're also for you.

We make stories about cowgirls, indian, zako, police stories, cannibal stories, slashers with much blood, gory stories about guts and other terrible effects, FemDom stories, noir stories, catfighting stories, superheroic comics, very good shooting effects of wounds, stories about spies and investigation, stories about maniacs, drowning, knifing, chloroform and sleepy stories, movies about musters, adventure stories and much much much more.  We make long cinematic fetishized death scenes.


Imagine your own custom story! It can be any giallo, slasher, splatter,

noir, horror, fetish horror, eurocrime, zako movie you would like to see!

Feel Free in your fantasy.


Choose your rate from prices below, choose your favorite model(s).


Your personal manager will help you with a script, idea, prices,

actors/actresses. Friendly support.


Enjoy your custom movie


Write a plot, a script of just a letter with your idea. You can attach any

content you like - photos, videos, examples.


Pay easy for your custom via PayPal/Western Union/Bank Wire

Transfer/Wise or Bitcoins.


Get updated about the status of your film


You are welcome with your another idea ;)

Order Starting Custom 

From 500$

For 1-4 actors/actresses

Simple short scene/short crime story we can realize in simple conditions. For example a story of conflict of a man and a woman when a man kills a woman or a woman

kills a man. Policemen arrives for CSI investigation…

Something we used to name «Simple Custom Rate» before.

Снимок плеера1_edited.jpg

Order Best Custom 

From 950$

For 2-4 actors/actresses

Customs with more blood effects, complicated plot, more dialogs, complicated locations  individually chosen prop and outfit and contacts with your personal manager.

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Order Premium Custom Movie

From 1950$

Снимок плеера41 14.21.11.png

Complicated story shot in different shooting days, in different locations with complicated tricks and professionally crew job. Very very much blood, FX effects, great acting, lighting, sound – all id done perfectly and very individually.

Order Full Time Professional Movie


Real full time movies for producers, VIP-customers, groups of fans, distributors or commercial orders.

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Maybe we will fall in love with your script and can suggest a compromise. If your story is very simple – just welcome to share it too and you will like the prices in direct messages. All prices can be discussed and you can get an individual discount!