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We’re very friendly guys and girls, but as you know, a Law is a Law. So we should write this serious very important information for us and for you! We are all part of a horror movie fan community that must abide by law and morality. Let's adhere to the principles of respect for the industry, its laws. Take a break and take a moment of legal and ethical information!


Thanks! We know that you are great guy or great girl and you won’t break rules! We’re glad you’re with us!


General Provisions

  These films are rated “Category R” and have an age limit of 18 (21 years).

              In the films of Production graphic violence can be shown (exclusively staged, filmed for the purpose of artistic design). In DarkRooms films, the visual aesthetics of stage scenes of crimes, murders, crime investigations is played out, effects resembling blood, a dead body of an adult can be shown, nude content with adults depicting adults can be present.

            Role-play game fantasy violence within the framework of Production is served solely for the purpose of artistic design, art and fetishism. Films are intended for an adult conscious audience. In scenes where a man kills a man, a man kills a woman, a woman kills a woman or a woman kills a man in every possible way there is no hint of sexual discrimination, approval of violence in real life.

            Production strongly condemns any unlawful acts against anyone, resolutely and vehemently condemns and despises any form of violence, whether physical violence, moral and psychological violence, sexual violence. Production respects human dignity and international law, human morality, human rights organizations and human rights, including minority rights.

              Everything shown on the screen is fiction, without propaganda. Any similarities to real life are coincidences. All characters, names and images are fictitious. Any similarities with real people, getting under sex, national, racial groups - are a coincidence. Films do not set out to offend anyone. The geographical names, spaces, brands and products mentioned in the films are random, and their image is used by chance. Production does not aim to advertise or in any way influence the reputation of goods and refers to trademarks as part of the urban setting. Production categorically does not remove: pornography, naturalistic sex, met-art, never plays up and does not exploit the themes of racism, Nazism, fascism, nationalism and anti-Semitism, as its integral form, crimes against children, crimes against pregnant women, crimes against people with disabilities, crimes against animals, does not make historical reconstruction, does not beat the tragedies of mankind, such as genocides, floods and other black pages of mankind. Production respects morality, religious feelings, the inviolability of human life and dignity, the integrity of the family, the inviolability of the child and the right of the child to safe information, therefore we kindly ask you to carefully use the site and its materials on your computer, to hide content from your children. If you feel that the result of watching these films is bad for you, immediately refuse to watch. If you feel that thoughts of real violence are visiting you, leave the site immediately and seek the advice of a community therapist to prevent negative consequences.

            All production artists are shot in a friendly atmosphere, without harm to life and health, voluntarily, in good health and sober mind, are adults, capable and give documentary evidence for the use of their images for commercial purposes.

             Production insists that any materials that are acquired through the links on this site are subject to copyright. Keep in mind that resellers who sell this content accept responsibility for controlling the age of majority of buyers. Films and content that is sold through intermediaries are eligible for an acceptable use policy for partners. Do not share this content publicly. If your guilt in distributing the content is proved, you fall under the civil, administrative and criminal laws of a group of countries under the articles: “video piracy”, “violation of intellectual and copyright rights”, “distribution of films for adults without observing age restrictions,” "Copyright infringement of artists and models." Rightholders, artists and models, sales partners can sue you, and if your guilt is proven, you will be forced to pay monetary compensation and, possibly, serve prison sentences.

            Production respects the problems of life and death, in no way makes fun of tragedy and death, carefully treats the rituals and sacraments associated with death, any religious norms, any religious practices established in legal society. The site is kept away from political predilections and beliefs, does not assume the right to discuss ethical standards of events taking place in the world. In the event that in some films the scenes of executions are shown, this is all fiction, fantasy, surrealism and has nothing to do with reality!

            The Names «Crime House», «DarkRooms», «Dark Rooms», «Yellow Press», «CrimeHouse», «Toxic Moon», «ToxicMoon» are copyrighted in the themes of video-horrors industry but can be match up with other phrases, communities, creative groups and businesses. The only proper pantanted Names are «CrimeHouse production», «DarkRooms production», «YellowPress production», «ToxicMoon production». we do not accept disputes in court on the use of these names, since, on the basis of the free use of synonyms, a number of English language, as an international good cultural heritage of the UN language, have the right to call ourselves what we want, avoiding any names and phrases patented by anyone.

            All the tricks shown in the films were performed by professionals, filmed in the presence of a large number of people and witnesses. The makeup that is used is part of a professional development that is safe for human health.

            Do not repeat any movie scenes at home! it can be dangerous for you and others!

The scenes associated with the use of drugs, drugs, tobacco smoking, alcohol - just a simulation. Production is concerned about the international problem of drugs, alcohol consumption and shares international anti-tobacco health concepts. Do not repeat or copy scene data, it is shown with the aim of condemning the criminal and immoral part of the world.

             Any attempts to calculate the private pages of models and artists will be regarded by us as a violation of private space and harassment, and we will contact the law enforcement authorities.   

 The main content is the visualization, aesthetization and film adaptation of action movies, thrillers, horror films in which scenes of violence are only an artistic idea. If Evil is not punished at the end of the film in the storyline, it  does not mean that we justify evil and set a negative example, it only means the free expression of the authors in art.

             If this content is not acceptable to you, we ask you to refuse to view the site and movies. The site, copyright holders and production do not bear any responsibility for the consequences of watching this Site, photos and movies.

            The content of the site is informative only, the site does not constitute a public offer, advertisement or official document. The people on whom the site is registered do not have to be the beneficiaries of Production.

             Production activities are regulated by a number of international, local and national laws, laws and legal patterns, such as:

  • (Acts can be given in any official UN language; you can always find their analogues in your native language on the official UN websites and in the libraries of your community) International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1966) // United Nations [Electronic Resource]. 2014. URL: (accessed: 12-04-2019). Article 19, UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948

  • International Copyright Law 101

  • Copyright Law of the United States and Related Laws Contained in Tıtle 17 of the United States Code December 2016

  • And others



What does custom ordering means?

            Custom order - means the screen version of your script by our Production for your donation.

            You have the right to send us any script written in any language in any form for consideration. We have the right to refuse any script in the film adaptation, guided by any reason or without explanation. We do not conclude any contracts and contracts for ordering a custom, but work on mutual trust, as a service for donation, valuing our reputation in the market. If your script does not contain porn, then most likely - we will gladly produce and shoot  your script!

            Prices voiced by mail may vary both to a lesser or greater extent than the price indicated on the site. Payment is accepted in US dollars, euros and pounds sterling.

            The terms of custom execution may differ from those stated on the website for reasons beyond our control - illness, natural disasters, models, and so on. We guarantee that we will be in touch, we will keep you up to date, we will work with you and strive to improve quality.

            Payment systems are not responsible for your payments, because you pay a voluntary donation, but they are proof of your payment.

            We value the reputation in the community, so for 5 years we have been doing our best!

            We undertake to maintain the confidentiality of your correspondence and relations with us and undertake not to voluntarily transfer it to anyone. Your names, contacts remain confidential.

            Please do not write anything related to the order of custom to payment systems, as this violates the confidentiality memorandum. Keep in mind that the real names of the actors and creators of the film are also confidential and we have the right to use pseudonyms.

            Custom can only be used by you for private viewing. You get a link to download the custom, and please save the movie in a safe place, inaccessible to anyone else. We cannot be held responsible for any viruses, malware on external media, and cannot be held responsible for any consequences of your use of your movie.

Whether to indicate you in credits is up to you! We never do this without your permission.


Model Gallery using rules


            Models, actors and actresses agreed to place their photos to our Site. The photos can be used only here and can be posted only by us and by them wherever they (Models, Actors, Actresses) want. The agreement of Model/Actress/Actor to place their photo to our site means they can take partnership in one of our project but it doesn’t mean they are nude models, it doesn’t mean they share the artistic values broadcast by the company or etc. Please respect our models, their private life, their creative life. Communications with models after you watching our films  is not possible (possible in very seldom cases only after agreement with Production management). You can’t copy these photos and use them wherever, but you can save their photos of your PC just for private watching. You can’t do any photomanipulations with our models.


Rules Of Purchasing Videos


            If you purchase our videos it means:

  •   You are adult

  •   You read our rules

  •   You won’t public our films wherever and save it only at your PC,  phone or disk for private watching

  •   You won’t do screens from our clips and public them wherever in the web, you won’t do any photomanipulations from our films and public them wherever. You can do absolutely what do you want with our films only at your PC and don’t publish it wherever fully or practically

  •   We’re not responsible for any consequences of watching a movie.


If you’re not sure in something just write us e-mail.

We will answer all questions!

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